Our Menu
Available all day, opening to closing...

Our special soup
Our chef’s inspiration
Cup ~ $4.95   Pint ~ $6.95   Quart ~ $11.95

Dark Star Café Turkey Chili
Tender Turkey & our special Spice Blend Simmered with Pinto Beans.
Topped with cheddar cheese.
Cup ~ $4.95     Pint ~ $6.95    Quart ~ $11.95


Thai Calamari
Tender calamari rings lightly fried, tossed in sweet chile sauce &
served in a banana leaf.

crisp Mozzarella medallions
our fresh mozzarella medallions lightly breaded & fried.
Served with a ripe tomato~basil salsa & drizzled with basil oil.

Coconut shrimp with Thai chile sauce
three huge shrimp coated with a crisp coconut crust served with sweet chile sauce.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese
eight specially seasoned jumbo wings tossed in our unique hot sauce. (about a pound!)
served with homemade blue cheese dressing.

Grilled Caribbean shrimp with mango salsa
Three huge shrimp dusted with our Caribbean spice rub, then grilled.
served with Mango salsa

Chicken fingers
boneless tenders in a delicate buttermilk crust fried golden brown.
Served with honey mustard.

Crab cake with corn salsa
Our jumbo~lump crab cake served with a sweet corn salsa.

Mozzarella, Prosciutto, roasted peppers & tomato
Our homemade mozzarella, imported prosciutto, fresh roasted peppers &
ripe tomato. Drizzled with basil oil.

Salads or Wraps

Baby Greens & tomato Salad
Fresh baby lettuces mixed with your choice of dressing & sliced tomatoes

Caesar Salad
A classic!
Made with homemade dressing, croutons & crisp romaine hearts.
Sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese ~ $7.95
with Tuscan chicken ~ $12.95
with Tuscan shrimp ~ $16.95

Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa &
baby greens
Fresh yellow fin tuna seared rare &
served with our tropical mango salsa on baby lettuces

Pan~Roasted Salmon with white bean & Roasted Pepper Salsa
Fresh salmon fillet paired with our white bean & roasted pepper salsa
over romaine lettuce

Caribbean chicken breast with mango salsa & baby greens
Caribbean spice rubbed chicken breast served with mango salsa & baby lettuces

Roasted vegetables with corn salsa & baby greens
The freshest seasonal vegetables roasted with fresh herbs  
served on a baby green salad & topped with Corn Salsa

Homemade mozzarella & roasted pepper salad
Homemade mozzarella with our fresh roasted peppers served over romaine lettuce.
Garnished with basil oil.

Citrus glazed lobster salad with mango salsa
A three ounce lobster tail split, seared & glazed with citrus.
Served on baby greens with mango salsa.

Make Your own sandwich from our freshly roasted deli items!
Half sub ~ $5.95
Whole sub ~ $10.95
Round roll ~ $8.95
Sliced Bread ~ $7.95
Our combo includes your choice of Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, or French Fries
And a small drink!

Hand sliced turkey with honey mustard on a multi~grain roll
Our tender juicy homemade turkey breast cooked daily,
topped With honey mustard & served on an incredible multi~grain roll
alone ~ $8.95  combo ~ $10.50
half ~ $5.95

Turkey Melt on Marble Rye
hand sliced turkey with Swiss cheese and mayo grilled on marble rye
alone ~ $9.95          combo ~ $11.50

Reuben sandwich
Our own homemade corned beef with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut & swiss.  
Alone ~ $9.95          combo ~ $11.50

Corned Beef & Swiss with cole slaw
A real new York sandwich! Piled high with everything!
Alone ~ $9.95           combo ~ $11.50

Eight ounce Black Angus Burger
Char~Grilled to your liking, Served with lettuce, tomato & onion.
Alone ~ $8.95          combo ~ $10.50

Ham & Swiss Melt on Rye
Our Brown~sugar glazed ham grilled with Swiss cheese on Marble Rye
alone ~ $9.95          combo ~ $11.50

Roast Beef & Cheddar hero
Homemade rare top round thinly sliced with real cheddar on
a fresh~baked seeded long roll
with lettuce, tomato Onion & mayo.
Alone ~ $10.95          combo ~ $12.50
Half ~ $5.95

hand sliced Cheese Steak
Our homemade top round sautéed with peppers, onions & mushrooms on a soft roll with
American cheese
alone ~ $10.95          combo ~ $12.50

Seared tuna loin with tomato~basil salsa
Fresh yellow fin tuna loin seared & hand sliced. Served on a soft roll with Ripe
Tomato~basil Salsa
Alone ~ $13.95          combo ~ $15.50

Creole Crab Cake Sandwich
Our homemade Jumbo lump crab cake served on a soft roll with lettuce & tomato
Accompanied with Creole remoulade
Alone ~ $11.95          combo ~ $13.50

Barbecued Pulled Pork with Corn Salsa
Tender pork simmered with our barbecue spice blend.
Served on a soft roll with fresh corn salsa
Alone ~ $9.95          combo ~ $11.50

Sliced mozzarella, prosciutto roasted peppers & basil
Homemade mozzarella layered with roasted peppers, fresh basil &
imported prosciutto Served on a long roll
Alone ~ $12.95          combo ~ $14.50
Half ~ $6.95

Italian Hero
You want it... you got it!
the finest prosciutto, cappicola, and genoa salami layered on a long seeded roll with
tangy provolone. Topped with shredded romaine, ripe tomatoes sliced red onions &
a red wine vinaigrette with italian herbs.
Alone ~ $11.95          Combo ~ $13.50
Half ~ $6.95

Grilled or cajun chicken sandwich
Boneless breast susted with our tuscan or cajun rub, then grilled & served on a soft
sesame roll with lettuce, tomato hellman's mayo
alone ~ $9.95          Combo ~ $11.50

Panko~Crusted Chicken sandwich
Boneless breast in our crunchy panko~herb crust.
served on a soft sesame roll with lettuce, tomato & hellman's mayo
alone ~ $9.95           combo ~ $12.50

Chicken Parm sub
Boneless breast in a light, crisp crust, tossed in our marina sauce & topped with
mozzarella cheese on a seeded hero roll.
alone ~ $10.95           Combo ~ $12.50

Panko~Crusted flounder fillet sandwich
fresh flounder fillet hand breaded to order with a crunchy panko crust.
served on a soft sesame roll with lettuce, tomato & homemade tartar sauce.
Alone ~ $10.95           Combo ~ 12.50


Penne with vodka sauce
Imported pasta with a creamy pink sauce

Linguini marinara
Imported pasta tossed in Our homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil.

Penne with broccoli rabe aglia olio
Italian broccoli sautéed with sliced garlic & extra~virgin olive oil
tossed with imported pasta.

Shrimp Marinara or fra diavolo
Five huge shrimp sautéed with our tomato sauce, garlic & fresh basil
served over imported pasta.

Linguini with crab meat
A generous portion of Jumbo lump crab sautéed in a tomato broth with fresh basil.
Served over imported pasta.

Shrimp & lobster tail aglia olio
Three huge shrimp & a three ounce split lobster tail sautéed with sliced garlic,
extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil.
Served over Imported Linguini

Kid Stuff

Mac & cheese
Chicken fingers & French fries
Slice of pizza
Linguini marinara
Shrimp tempura & French fries

all entrees are served with Bread & your choice of potato salad, cole
slaw, french fries or our vegetable of the day

Fennel & pepper seared salmon with
white bean & roasted pepper salsa
Atlantic salmon fillet coated with a fennel & pepper spice rub, pan~roasted &
served with a white bean & roasted pepper salsa.

Caribbean tuna with mango salsa
Yellow fin tuna loin rubbed with our Caribbean spice mix seared rare &
served with mango salsa.

Lobster tails tempura with ginger~soy dipping sauce
Two three ounce tails dipped in a light tempura batter &
served with a ginger soy dipping sauce

Coconut shrimp with mango salsa
Five huge shrimp coated with crisp coconut & served with our tropical mango salsa

Tuscan grilled shrimp with tomato~basil salsa
Five huge shrimp coated with our Tuscan spice rub. Served with a ripe tomato~basil salsa

Shrimp tempura with ginger~soy dipping sauce
Five huge shrimp in a delicate tempura batter served with a ginger soy dipping sauce

Southern fried chicken with cole slaw
a boneless breast of chicken in a delicious buttermilk batter
served with our homemade creamy cole slaw

Barbecued flank steak with red onion marmalade
Tender steak with our BBQ spice rub sliced & served with a sweet red onion marmalade

BBQ St Louis ribs with slaw
Our homemade BBQ St. Louis ribs served with our amazing slaw who needs a grill?


you be the pizza chef!
Our toppings:
Level 1:
Red onions                    Sweet peppers                Mushrooms
Sliced black olives              Ham                          Pepperoni
Sweet Italian sausage        Fresh basil                        Garlic
Sliced ripe tomatoes                                      Extra cheese

Level 2
Sun~dried tomatoes        broccoli rabe         roasted vegetables
spinach & ricotta          barbecued pork                pesto sauce
pineapple                   ricotta cheese                    anchovies
blue cheese             homemade mozzarella        Artichoke hearts
chipotle chiles

level 3
sautéed shrimp               crab meat                      cappicola
roasted peppers             prosciutto                wild mushrooms
chicken breast (fried, roasted or buffalo style)

Let us make a few suggestions…

Cheese pizza
Our fresh-baked crust topped with homemade tomato sauce & grated mozzarella cheese.
With or without oregano
Personal ~ $7.95         large ~ $14.50

Supreme pizza
Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red onions, sweet peppers & sliced black olives piled high.
Personal ~ $13.95          large ~ $23.95

Roasted vegetable pizza
Our seasonal vegetables roasted with fresh herbs over
homemade tomato sauce & mozzarella.
Personal ~ $10.50          large ~ $18.95

Shrimp & roasted peppers
Succulent shrimp, homemade roasted sweet peppers and fresh basil
make this pizza a winner!
Personal ~ $16.50          large ~ $28.95

Sausage, pepper & onion pizza
Sliced Italian sausage with a julienne of sweet peppers & red onions. Where ya gonna go?
Personal ~ $12.50          large ~ $21.95

Spinach & ricotta pizza
Our own chopped spinach, ricotta & parmigiana cheese blend
spread on our homemade pizza dough.
Topped with shredded mozzarella…But, No sauce
Personal ~ $9.95          large ~ $18.50

White pizza
Ricotta, parmigiana & Homemade mozzarella cheese. It’s a classic! Simple, but delicious!
Personal ~ $9.95          large ~ $18.50

Buffalo chicken pizza
Diced fried chicken, spicy buffalo sauce & blue cheese sauce,
topped with a sprinkle of Mozzarella.
It’s sooo good!
Personal ~ $11.95          large ~ $20.95

Barbecued pork pizza
Tender pulled pork simmered with Our secret barbecue spice rub.
Slathered with homemade barbecue sauce & topped with shredded mozzarella cheese.
Personal ~ $11.95          large ~ $20.95

Broccoli rabe & sausage
Sautéed broccoli rabe, plenty of garlic & sliced sweet Italian sausage
top this classic pizza.   
Personal ~ $11.95          large ~ $21.95

The classic margherita pizza
The one that started them all!  
Our homemade Mozzarella, sliced ripe tomatoes with extra-virgin olive oil & Fresh Basil
Personal ~ $11.95           large ~ $21.95

Fresh mozzarella, Tomato & pesto sauce Pizza
Our famous pizza crust layered with fresh basil pesto and sliced ripe tomatoes, then,
we top it with our homemade mozzarella
Personal ~ $13.95          large ~ $23.95

baked ziti pizza
Imported Penne pasta on our homemade sauce with a generous amount of ricotta,
topped with Parmesan & mozzarella cheese.
Personal ~ $11.50          Large ~ $20.95

Wild mushroom pizza
A seasonal mixture of the finest wild mushrooms roasted with fresh herbs
top this amazing pizza.
Personal ~ $11.95          Large ~ $21.95

Pizza Caprese
We stretch out the dough, then sauce it, layer Our homemade mozzarella with fresh
roasted peppers, thinly sliced prosciutto and fresh basil.
Personal ~ $16.50          Large ~ $28.95

Chicken Parm Pizza
Diced fried chicken breast layered with tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmigiana cheeses
Personal ~ $11.50         Large ~ $20.95

Pizza Pals

a stuffed bread with mozzarella. Served with a side of marinara sauce.
Add your choice of fillings

Our homemade dough folded around ricotta, Parmesan & mozzarella cheese.
Add your choice of fillings.

We also offer fresh slices cut from a huge twenty-two inch pizza pie, made many times
during the day.

Don’t forget…
we’re way more than just pizza!
Everything is made on premise.

Take home pasta sauces, quiche, spice rubs, gourmet
delicacies, & catering trays!
They’ll thank you for it!!
Take a taste of LBI home with you!

We have T-shirts, mugs & hats!

We would love to cater
your next get together!
Give us a call!

We’re on the Web!
Check out menus, Hours, specials & get stuff!!

Order 10 large Pizzas & get a bonus Pie!
We’re open all year!
And for dessert...
We have prepared
From Scratch:
Chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
magical brownies
Cheese cake
Chocolate mousse cake
granny smith apple pies
& fresh cut fruit